Courses IIT-JEE (Main+Advanced)

IIT-JEE (Main+Advanced) Coaching

Aaryabhatt is equipped with the team of top most faculties for preparation of JEE (Main+Advanced) who are known for producing best results year after year. Our meticulously planned courses and well-timed completion of the syllabus renders sufficient time to the engineering aspirants for self-studies and thorough revision. Our subject experts explain the basics in a simple manner using illustrations which helps students to get well acquainted with the topics.

Our IIT JEE courses are elite in their perfectionism & proficiency and they lead the students to the peak of their preparation while simultaneously covering the school syllabus (CBSE & other Boards). The curriculum is revised frequently to keep pace with the fast changing competitive environment. The faculty is a blend of rich academic experience and vast knowledge. The series of periodic tests are identical to the pattern of various competitive engineering examinations and give ample practice to the aspirants for the same.

Getting a first-hand feel of studying in a rigorously competitive environment, our students further develop their ability of problem solving skills and demonstrate superior performance. Every test attempted by the students gives them a clear idea of their understanding of the topic, strengths and weaknesses, ranking amongst the aspirants from across India. By being a part of the on-going year round curriculum, they adapt themselves well to the pattern of paper and are successful in the examination with ease. Besides delivering knowledge we encourage and motivate our students to make most of their abilities by boosting their confidence.

Aaryabhatt is wholly committed to imparting career based education and students have the benefit of our expertise and knowledge every day throughout the year. From our core curriculum of preparatory studies to the detailed subject analysis through tests, our students have an access to all that is required to be successful in IIT JEE (Main+Advanced).

Teaching Methodology

Concept Building

Batch wise classes having limited students are held in morning & evening sessions separately for English & Hindi medium students in air-cooled, spacious, stair-cased lecture theatres equipped with high quality audio-video systems.

Lecture Classes

Lectures of 90 minutes each are designed according to the pattern and level of JEE and are delivered by our highly qualified faculties.

Revision Classes

Revision classes of selected topics are arranged regularly for the benefit of students.

Doubt Sessions

The sessions are regularly scheduled in Time Table and are also separately arranged for those students who require extra assistance for clarification of their doubts. These sessions are interactive where students get a platform to discuss their problems on one to one basis. These sessions are optional.

Board Classes: Saksham

This flexible program is designed to aid students in their preparation for Board exams. It offers multiple options to students to attend concise board classes for entire syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Physical Education (as per the time suitability) to enhance their performance in board exams along with JEE.

Smart Study Material

SPEED :Subject wise periodic evaluation exercise duty.

Every lecture is subsequently supported by a SPEED which is a collection of multi conceptual problems designed to give in-depth understanding of the subject & to improve question solving speed through time bound practice.

Subject and Topic wise Booklets (Sheets)

Sheet is topic wise multi exercise booklet, designed according to the syllabus of JEE, containing different types of conceptual, tricky & brain storming questions including previous ten years' IIT-JEE questions thus covering all the possible arena of the questions which may be asked in forth coming exams.

Board Work-Sheets & Booklets

To develop writing skills as required in board exams.

Question Banks

For adequate practice in each subject, topic wise question banks are distributed to students which help them in gaining confidence & command on individual topics.

Hand books of Physics, Chemistry and Maths containing all important formulae and concepts are provided for a faster revision.
Tipic wise Previous ten years' CBSE question bank and their solutions.
Topic wise previous ten years AIEEE question bank and their solutions
NCERT important questions and their solutions

For better familiarization with JEE examination and continuous practice, Periodic Tests are conducted to evaluate students performance and to develop their capabilities to respond promptly to all types of questions, to improve speed and to identify weak areas.

Unit Test

These tests are focused on the topics which are being currently taught at that time.

JEE Main Test

One test of 3 hrs on JEE Main pattern in a time interval of 4 to 6 weeks

JEE Advanced Test

Two tests of 3 hrs each on same day are conducted in a time interval of 4 to 6 weeks which covers all the topics taught till date for better revision.

Board Pattern Test

Designed according to the Board syllabus to ensure best performance of students in their Board exams.

Score Test

To enhance their score in JEE, at the end of session series of tests are conducted followed by discussion and revision classes.

Score Advanced Test

Series of tests along-with discussion classes are organized between JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams for final touch to boost their ranks.

Additional Features

A special dedicated Super 30 Batch consisting of Top 5 to 30 students
A special dedicated Super 30 Batch consisting of Top 5 to 30 students is formed to provide concentrated efforts, highest academic and administrative care to produce top ranks.
Workshops for KVPY, OLYMPIAD and other competitive exams are organized.
SPEED workshop with Online Test Practice.
JEE Main Online Test Practice. Science Practical Classes are held in well equipped laboratories.

Student Mentorship Programme

Faculties are nominated as mentor for each batch to provide academic guidance, personal care and motivation to students to get their best academic output.